Thursday, January 28, 2010

so sorry to have missed you

I think I may have just forgotten how much having a schedule exhausts me. In the two weeks I was back in St Louis prior to the start of school, I did not wake up to a blaring alarm, I stayed in my PJs all day, addison and I hung out and even took naps together. It was glorious and my blogging goals were very easy to achieve. I made bread with the best of them. I exercised everyday. I spoke love languages and I discovered how to raise confident girls. And then school came and I became my regular mess. Now there are no naps and I wake up to an annoying *beep* *beep* *beep*....and when I reach over to push Justin out of bed to shut off the alarm, I sadly realize that the alarm is set for me.

So....I have been slacking. The only goal I have stuck to 100% is the bread baking. Two weekends ago I made a delish focaccia bread and a sausage roll. Justin's reaction--"why do you have to be good at everything you try?" I will take that to mean I am a baking goddess. This weekend was a coffee cake with a brown sugar/pecan crust. It was gone in a couple days. I think I could have probably eaten it in one. Better not make that again.

I am working 20/hrs a week....techically volunteering for school credit .... at an immigration law firm for the semester. It is overwhelming. Each morning my mantra is "be the sponge, be the sponge." I hope its working. I don't think I could get any better training for my future endeavor. This placement has already lead to a lot of internal conversations for me (and no, not all about sponges) and I will save them for a later post....when I am not sitting in class...trying to fake like I am paying attention. I also found out that my cousin just got an internship at DHS (the head honcho of immigration regulation). It was nice knowing her I suppose. It is now our fate to be arch enemies.

So work, school and the recent goal of house-searching (which we need to complete before April 30). Defeated my overzealous blogging goals. Forgive me?

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