Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am one week down on my Body for Life. Last night I said to Justin "11 more weeks to go!" and he said, "No, don't count the weeks. Its a lifetime of change." I responded by swiftly kicking him out of the bed. I kid.

This week actually went extremely well....if extremely well means I was unable to walk for half of it because I was so sore. Justin tells me that means it went well. I followed the eating plan, which means I have to eat 6 times a day, once every 2-3 hours. This sounds like a pain in the hiney, but because I have been home, it is actually fun. In the book, they give a list of proteins and a list of carbs. You pick one from each list, slap them together (with a veggie should you choose) and you have a meal! This week, I have made things like spaghetti with turkey meatballs, shrimp tacos and turkey chili. To cut down on the work, I make a regular meal, then divide it into portion-sized tupperwear containers. Makes things much easier. The only thing I have really struggled with in this area is the lack of things to keep track of. I have never done a program where I didn't have to keep track of points or calories....and to tell you the truth, its a little unnerving. You are allowed one free day each week, which I took on Sunday. I was surprised by my restraint. My only real "off" food was 2 chewy chocolate chip cookies and some tostitos in my taco salad. Oh, and how could I forget. My delish bread! I am a lame cheater!

The workouts have been more of a stretch, but I am trucking along. Workout go as follows: arms, cardio, legs, cardio, and so on and so forth. Both the weights and cardio follow and intensity scale that is killer. To prove the point, Rileigh came downstairs one morning to make sure I was okay because I was yelling....weighted lunges, can you blame me? I have been working out in the mornings. I despise mornings. However, when I read in my book that working out for 20 minutes in the morning is the same as working out for 1 hr in the evening....I decided I would stick with mornings.

I was happy with the scale progress: -1.6 this week. However, I am going to have to stop the weekly weigh-ins (another first for me!) because both Justin and the book say that with an intense weighs program, the scale might not reflect the changes accurately and instead leaving me feeling discouraged if I become so stuck on numbers. Instead Justin is going to bring home the body fat measuring-thing-a-ma-bob once every four weeks. I am scared of that.

Well, its time for me to hobble to the kitchen for another meal...ow.....ow......ow......oh man, its going to be another long week. Repeat after me, I love the pain, I love the pain.....oh, who am I kidding!

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