Thursday, January 7, 2010

Maybe I should said patience.

Because I have none. No, I have not done away with my new year's resolutions already. However, the crux of my plan...the books I ordered....that were supposed to be here last MONDAY will not be here until SUNDAY. I did not buy a book on patience. Maybe I should have looked into that....


  1. so how did day two and three go on BFL???? We really liked the workout plan that went along with it....the planning of the food drove travis nuts :)

  2. I do shake 2x per day, so I only have to plan a few meals. Usually I just make breakfast, shake, make lunch, shake, then split dinner into 2 meals. Its easier that way! The workouts have been kicking my butt actually. I don't find the aerobic part bad (maybe that means I should work harder) but the weights are leaving me SO sore! I did legs yesterday and can hardly walk up the stairs today. I have to modify things a bit because I just work out at home with the equipment we have here...but so far it has worked out.