Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Body for Life: Day One

I have had many a "day one." Usually I am filled with gusto and rearing to attack the plan head on. Today....I am just tired. Justin thought I would feel much better if I got up at 6 am, like he does, and get my work out in. One problem. I. Hate. Mornings. Buuuuut, I did get up, I did work out...and I currently cannot lift my arms above my head. Justin says I will learn to love this feeling...and even crave it. I think he is a masochist that I will not ever become, but that is okay. I am going to do it anyway.

I read through most of the book yesterday. About 85% of the book deals with the mental aspect of getting in shape. Actually that makes sense to me. I get the "eat smaller portions, eat better food, eat more frequently, exercise more" part. It is always the psych-myself-out-so-much-that-i-binge-on-an-entire-package-of-oreos-part that gets me. I suppose that is why Jillian is always screaming at people and tells them how sad they are, makes them cry and then hugs them and they lose 100lbs. Same idea, right? So while I don't have Jillian screaming in my ear, I do have good ol Mr. Phillips (you know, the author) asking me to write out concrete goals (not dreams, mind you) that I hope to achieve over the next 12-weeks and why those goals are important to me and what will potentially hold me back. I always feel like a total cheeseball when I am asked to make goals. Its not that I dont have them, I do, of course. They just seem so silly when I take them out of my head and stick them on a piece of paper. BUT I did it, don't worry Mr. Phillips. I did it.

So far today, I have had 2 meals and 45 minutes worth of weight lifting. I also avoided a potential disaster. Somehow I thought it would be a great plan to warm up left over pizza for Addison for lunch. Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza mind you. Apparently I am more of a masochist than I thought....hmmm.

Anyway, the plan for the rest of the week: 6 meals a day for the rest of the week, drinking more water! and workouts as follows: running wednesday, legs thursday, running friday, FREE DAY SAT!, back to arms on sunday and running again on Monday.

Although I will never place my actually weight out there for all the world wide web to see, next week I will let you know the negative or (godforbid!) any points on the ol' scale.

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  1. Good luck Sarah Sue..... working out in the morning is WAY hard, but i always feel better when i do it (the few times i can talk myself out of bed!).