Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i'm here to pump.....you up!

I think if I listed all my hobbies, I would have to list dieting as one of them. Not that I enjoy it (I actually loathe it!) but it seems that I am always doing it and exploring it in about every form it has every existed. Master Cleanse? Check. Slimfast? Check. Weight Watchers? Check. Check. Check. As with most of my other hobbies, I begin with gusto, but lose interest quickly. It always seems to be all consuming....so I end up choosing none instead of all. 

My husband is a fitness nut. When I say nut, I mean nut. He stands at the kitchen sink each night choking down a can of tuna or something equally disgusting. I hear him wretching. A normal person would put the can down and walk away. Not Justin. He subjects himself to this repeatedly. See, I told you. Certifiable. He is also obsessed with working out. If he has to miss a workout, the heeke house is not a happy house. Justin is not a morning person. He is about a 5-snooze average. That could very well be even higher if I did not physically shove him out of bed by the 5th alarm with threats of even greater repercussions if he even THINKS about getting back under the covers. That being said, he is out of the house before 6am and hardly ever misses.

How do we coexist? Last night our worlds collided and as a result, today I cannot lift my arms above my head. Justin has decide (and I agreed) that he is going to train me 4 nights a week. We invested in some adjustable dumbells and we already have an eliptical machine, exercise ball and punching bag. Day 1 was arms.....and arms.....and arms. By the end when he had me doing push ups (i know...can you imagine? me? push ups?) I was shaking like a leaf with my rear high up in the air, like a kindergarten in gym class.  He got me good. 

Only cardio today. I think I will have to take it to the streets. For some odd reason, the eliptical machine seems to make my toes numb. Its weird and I don't like it. Maybe I can convince Rileigh to go with me. She will probably run circles around me....oh well. 

Todays question (as I dream of food...): what is your favorite guilty food pleasure?


  1. um...just one?? i can't just have one....
    pizza, i blame wed. nights.
    MEXICAN FOOD....i blame dodge city
    skittles.... i have no excuse, they're just YUMMY!!

  2. Good for you guys! Keep on truckin!

  3. i love chipotle. i think that is my biggest guilty pleasure. I also cannot resist cheesecake...especially if it has caramel....

  4. Oh I forgot to add that part -

    I brought this up at lunch the other day. If I was stuck on a island, I would take a cheeseball and coconut cookies from the Mixx. Seriously, I could eat those two things for every single meal.

  5. Ice cream, peanut butter, Mexican food, and Pizza. And red wine!

    Keep up the good work Sarah!