Monday, September 14, 2009

oh baby

On the days when school is hard and the job search is thankless, I like to think about what kind of career would be fun if I didn't have to worry about whether or not it succeeded or failed. I stay slightly know, I am not dreaming of becoming the next Taylor Swift, although I suppose I am too old for that anyway. I try to stick to a semi-realistic fantasy. Lately in my daydreams, I have become the owner of a chic baby boutique. 

Really what lead me to daydream about this is my love of baby photos. But I do not dream of being a baby photographer. Too much pressure. I want it to be a hobby, so I don't have the pressure of someone paying me specifically to capture the essence and innocence of a baby in a few shots taken over the span of a 1/2 hour. Makes me nervous just thinking about it.  

So here is my plan-- I would offer announcement sessions. The packet would allow you to choose one of several premade announcements designed by one of the fabulous graphic designers I know. They make things that are beyond what you could find online. True talent. You bring your baby in and I would do a short session...we are talking 20 minutes or less. You purchase a packet that has the photo of your choice placed in the announcement of your choice all on a disk that you get to take home. That way you print as many as you need and have a digital copy to keep forever. For an added fee, you could also have all of the photos from the session included on the disk. 

That is the vision that has spurned the desire to own a baby boutique. From there the vision has grown. You would be surprised at how hard it is to find those adorable baby bows with flowers. I searched all over for them when addison was young. I would totally have them at my store. What I have learned from having many nephews is that adorable boy clothes are much more difficult to find than adorable girl clothes. I would have those too. (little newsboy caps would be a requirement....and sweater vests)

Anywho, to appease my desires for a while, I took my baby out for a few shots in the backyard. We only last about 15 minutes before we were under full-fledge attack from the mutated mosquitoes in our backyard, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results. (now...if only I could squash my desire for a new camera....)

So what is your daydream career?

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