Thursday, September 10, 2009


I never really liked the Roadrunner cartoons. I always felt bad for the coyote. What he wants most in life is always just beyond his grasp. Well that, and he always gets blown up. That can't be fun. 
Aside from blowing himself up, there was the inevitable drop of doom. You remember? He would always be running and running and suddenly find himself hanging out 100 ft in the air, having inadvertently run off the edge of the cliff and all he could do to try an stave of the plunge into the great abyss was to just keep running and running as fast as he could. However, no amount of running could save him from the big KA-BOOM! Well, I have never felt more like Wild E Coyote. Today I got my ka-boom. 

I have always had a lot on my plate. Its the way I like my life. I live and breathe chaos.....usually self-instigated chaos. I have a short attention span. I need deadlines, I like to be in charge and I produce my best work under pressure. (hence the reason i really loved my stint in newspapers). On the flip side, I feel confined by schedules and despite all the "Real Simple" magazines I have tabbed, I am just not an organized person. I am type B at its finest. 

Despite all of this, I manage. And not to toot my own horn, but I think I manage pretty well. I have always had people tell me "I don't know how you do it all" and the truth is I can do it because I don't think about it (well that and I have an amazing husband who understands my craziness and picks up all the slack! he is the yin to my yang) Maybe thats why I hate schedules. If I have to plan it all out, I feel overwhelmed by the weight of it all. So instead each week I just close my eyes and run full speed ahead.....and most of the time it works. 

The last few weeks I have been running and running and running at beyond full speed and even then I cannot seem to keep up. In trying balancing family, school, work and ME it seems like I only have the chance to glance at each as I am flying by. This week I discovered I had run off the cliff. Despite all I had learned from my years of Coyote empathy,  I thought if I just kept running I could save myself from the fall. Boy was I wrong. 

What I realized is the only way to prevent the fall is to stop running before you reach the ledge. Freaking genius right? Nope, that was the easy part to realize. Its the 'how' that always gets me. The "I don't know how you do it all" is so much easier for me to answer than if I had to ask myself ""How can you NOT do it all."  I suddenly need to learn a new And I need to learn that the world still moves forward when I say it. I think I can do this....

Hopefully now the only thing Wild E Coyote and I will ever have in common is our hairy legs. 

Question of the day: What do you to relieve stress?


  1. Stay positive. Pick the things you absolutely have to commit to and do them to your very best ability. And if that doesn't work, call me and cry.

    Love you!

  2. First of all WHAT IS THIS "Debbie Downer" expression!!!!
    Second.....While falling off the cliff sucks no gives us the opportunity to evaluate what is really important and then focusing on that and let the small stuff now the goal is to figure out WHAT is the small stuff! Our choices define us and are at times our greatest test. I am enjoying watching you "kids" get the "whole" picture!!!Life is sweet!hugs