Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wedding Weekends

Another weekend, another trip out of St Louis for the Heeke family. Weddings and wedding events have been consuming our lives as of late. It a great thing that I just love weddings (re: last post regarding any kind of celebration) or else I would be half crazy by now (or maybe whole crazy.....as I may already be at the half-way point...)

First up was my cousin, Abby's wedding on Sept. 5. Now I realize that was several weeks ago, but I never shared my thoughts or photos of the event. I feel completely confident in saying that it was one of the most beautiful and unique weddings I have ever been to. First, the scenery....the wedding took place outdoors at a botanical garden. That provided the most gorgeous backdrop in and of itself. Second for me was the photobooth. I now have the most adorable pictures with my grandparents. It was so much fun. Finally, the food and drink set up was so cool. There was an outdoor bar set up and the beer glasses were adorned with a chalkboard circle that you could chalk your name onto. My dinner was served in a margarita glass with chipotle potatoes.....who even knew those existed?!? Of course it goes without saying that the bride was gorgeous....and so incredibly fun to celebrate. Is there a word for the utmost opposite of bridezilla? Because if there is....thats what she was.

This past weekend, we went back to Kansas for the wedding of one of Justin's high school friends. Justin has a group of friends from high school that I truly and utterly adore. Their bonds of friendship blow my mind and I am thankful that they allow me to be a part of their circle. I wish I would have planned things out a little better so that I could have gotten in some QT time with these friends that I rarely get to see now, but I was thankful for the time that I did have. It is still shocking to me when one of "my" boys is in a serious relationship...let alone get married! The bride and the groom both have hearts of gold and I could not have been more happy for them. Now that the women of the group are growing in numbers.....maybe we can start our own club

So next up is my brother's wedding in Lawrence on Oct 9. I am super excited, but I am trying to prepare myself for it emotionally. No one wants a sloppy mess standing up at the altar....

All of these weddings left me asking myself....what exactly is my favorite part of a wedding? Hard to pick....but I think it might just be the toasts (usually....sometimes you get a lame MOH or Best Man). What's yours?

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