Monday, August 2, 2010

Life Happened.

That is how I am going to explain my absence. Life happened. I wish it would just get out of my way.

Although it has only been a couple of months since this whirlwind of graduation/moving out/moving in/starting a business/taking the bar started, it feels like it has consumed about 10 years of my life. If I die at 80 as opposed to the ripe ol' age of 90, I am going to blame this week. It stole those years. On a side note, 90 is my chosen age because my husband thinks he can like to at least 95. I want to go first and I figure I will give him 5 years to live it up and make up for the lack of bachelorism he missed by having children and getting married so young.

Business is a-booming. That is all I will say about that aspect for fear the powers that be will swoop down on my blog and use this as a reason to say I am unethical or deduct points from my bar exam.....we can't have that.

We have completed a total of zero projects on our house. Wait, I take that back. I painted the bedroom. It is a lovely shade of blue, textured using Ralph Lauren suede paint. My husband hates it. Hate might be a mild term for how he feels. My husband, who never has had an opinion on ANYTHING house related, chose to voice an opinion on the only thing I have done to our new home. He said it is depressing. I told him too bad. When he is in the bedroom his eyes should be closed so it doesn't really matter. And he doesn't paint. So our blue bedroom remains the change made to our home. And it looks good.

My children are alive and well and adjusting to the change. My teenage 8-year-old has mastered her back handspring. Or so she told her father who then made her put her money where her mouth was on our basement floor. That didn't end well. Somehow carpet over concrete does quite give the same spring as a gymnastics floor. No broken bones....but we will leave the tumbling for cheer practice.

Addison has had many adventures in Dodge City. Most of them have occurred whilst naked (her...not me). I forget that a clothed toddler is the norm, but am reminded quickly by the shocked looks of our neighbors as Addie streaks across the front yard in pursuit of our cat. I will save some of the better stories for a later post. They deserve space all of their own.

The hubs is still hard at work as Mr. Mom. He has made the bed all but 4 days since we have lived in Dodge City. I think I only made the bed twice when I stayed home in St. Louis. He wins. He is looking forward to getting out of the house come fall. I had the great idea of not getting cable during the summer months as it tends to turn my children into zombies. I still think it is a great idea, however, my husband who is home 23 hours out of every day does not agree. I think it all came to a head when our computer stopped working so we had no internet access. The entire world outside of Kansas could have blown to bits and he would have never known. The day he called me at work barely able to contain himself due to his excitement over talking with the Direct TV salesman, I think we both knew it was time to let this silly experiment go. Daddy needs his sports......and really, momma needs her trashy reality tv.

I am starving. Better head home to see what the hubby has prepare.....

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