Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting the Heck into Dodge

Omigod....omigod....I have access to the internet that is bigger than a 3x3 inch screen. I love you my new blackberry, but you just don't cut it in all areas.

It is my first "official" day of work, so naturally the first thing on my agenda is to blog. I am so good at this working thing. Technically our office isn't open, as there are currently two men pulling carpet, running heavy machinary and just making general devestation in our front office. Were I not hiding in the back corner office, I would be certain the building might fall down at any moment due to all the racket.....but since I am in the office and would not like to end my first day by being smashed beneath rubble, I am hoping all is well and I will just get ear plugs.

So a lot has happened in the past couple of weeks. I graduated...and celebrated the occassion by wearing a very expensive slipcover with velvet accents and a simply adorable painter/christopher columbus hat. Tell me that doesn't sound adorable. I managed not to trip while walking across the stage, but they simply could not manage to pronounce my last name correctly, despite the phonetic description I provided. Oh well, I suppose it was a fitting ending to the last 3 years wherein I answered to a wide variety of names....none of which were my own.

After graduation, Hades made a stopover at my house. It was time to pack and move. Who knew that in 3 years we could have collected so much JUNK. Serious. While packing I found trash in some of our rubbermaid containers that would have had to move up to St Louis with us. Yes, we moved trash. But oh buddy, not this time. I was a trashing, gifting, get-rid-of-it machine. I think we ended up taking 10 33-gallon trash sacks full of donated items to Goodwill and then had them come by for a pick up of the heavy items. We managed to move back all that we had in 2 6x12 trailors. 3 bedrooms + couches + dining room and more. Sounds impossible right? Not if you have a Debbie. She is a little magic moving fairy that makes you things shrink so they all magically fit into impossible spaces, allowing you to take all of your things with you. She is also my aunt. Seriously, I have no idea how she does what she does.....and I am not going to question the gift, I will just worship it.

Her magic fairy dust must have worn out on the trip home because we ended up pulling the trailer at between 45-50 mph THE. ENTIRE. WAY. FROM. ST. LOUIS. Longest trip of my life. We left our old driveway around 10 in the morning and did not end up back in Dodge until nearly 2am. Omigod. It was awful.....but we made it. Thank goodness for family or we never could have made the move. Oh, and listen to this, its the best part. We started unloading all of our belongings on a Thursday morning. By Friday evening.....every box was unpacked and every room was set up. Yep, my family is that good. I know that you are jealous....but it is mostly my family reading this....so you don't have to be.

Anywho. We are all settled in. I don't have internet access at home yet (being installed today...yahoo!) so I can't share any pictures yet. But, I will just tell you. It is home. And it is us. And it feels soooooo good.

I have lots more to share (like opening an office, running with jessi, becoming a 2 cell phone family) but I have to save some of that to fill the other days I am at work. Kidding. I really do work. And I am good....or at least I will be. So hire me.

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