Monday, August 16, 2010

Shop til you drop.

That was an excellent game show. I always thought I would be especially fantastic at it. No such chance as it now only exists in reruns. I really have nothing to say. However, I noted that my last entry was nearly 2 weeks ago. I hate when people do that. I needed a break from work....and I am hoping that as I type the stories will come to me.

Nope. Not yet.

Okay, lets try this one. This weekend the husband went to relive all his glory in St Louis. The girls and I stayed home. I am not one for staying home. Therefore, it was not surprising when we woke up Saturday morning....thought about a trip to Garden and somehow ended up on a trip to Wichita instead.

The first mistake of the trip was realized when I was about 30 miles outside of town. I was taking a toddler to the mall. Probably the busiest mall in Wichita and right when everyone was going to be back to school shopping. I was taking a toddler who's favorite activity at the mall is "hide under all the clothing racks, especially the racks with extra long dresses and see how long I can stay quiet while mom runs around frantically shouting my name." Yeah, I love that game. Anyway, taking Addie was not the mistake. Forgetting the stroller that strap her into most certainly was.

The trip up was a breeze. Redbox is my saving grace and makes roadtrips for the Heeke family quite delightful.

The second mistake hit when I was driving along Kellogg. I was zoning out, as I tend to do while driving. I was driving on autopilot whilst dreaming of what I would like to do to my home and how doing so would make it magazine worthy. While I am an entirely safe driver while zoning out, I am also a fast driver. Pretty soon I noted the flashing lights in my rear view. Damn. The officer told me that I had been doing 71 in a 50-- construction zone to boot, but since I was from out of state he was only going to get me for a 71 in a 60. Yet another time when my procrastination has served me well. Thank you missouri plates and license. However....the officer did not really do me any favors. As I found out on the way out of town, where I was driving was not, in fact, a construction zone. Jerk.

Third mistake became apparent when it came to clothes buying. Someone tell me when my daughter grew up and starting wanting to do things like pick out her own clothes. So maybe I can get over the picking out of the clothes....I just want to know when she grew up. Now that she is older, she not only wants to shop for her own clothes, but she shops with purpose. She even has a "shopping walk." I got to witness a repeat of this walk at Walmart today. If you want to try it out-- it consists of placing one hand on your hip, and swinging the other wildly back and forth while you sashay your hips. Serious. Business. Recognize.

By the end we were all falling apart. Rileigh was getting sick and Addison insisted on kicking her in the head repeatedly. Its just how she shows her love. And she loves her sister a lot. Redbox saved us again on the way home. The DVD player sucked the brains out of my children and the zombies were content the entire way home while I scanned the stations looking in vain for Delilah.

Imprompteu shopping expedition-- success!

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