Sunday, March 21, 2010

The tale of why any of my future televisions will be LCDs...

Sometimes my husband has brilliant ideas. Most days he doesn't. I am undecided on the latest.

Earlier in the week, Justin came home and told me that someone at his work had a large (and by large, I mean larger than our dink) television that they were no longer using. No longer using because it sat in front of a treadmill, which was the real thing they were no longer using. Anyway, he told Justin that he could have the TV if Justin could come and pick it up. The opportunity for a large(r) television in the midst of March Madness almost made Justin's head spin. That night after work, he set off to pick up the TV under the guise that I would help him unload it from his car and bring it inside.

Problem #1 arose prior to the television even being brought in from the car. The thing was large. And by large, I mean, baby got back. Its rear stuck out so far, it was too long to fit in our armoire. Justin measured the depth of the tv, then the depth of the armoire, then the depth of the tv, then the depth of the armoire....then, as if it would magically make either the tv shorter or the armoire longer, he measured them both again. We decide to move the armoire in the corner and bring up an old coffee table from the basement to set the TV on. I pouted a bit because I am not a fan of televisions sitting out loud and proud in the middle of a room. But I gave in when it looked as though it would be our only option.

Problem #2 arose in getting the television out of the car. Holy. Moly. Heaviest thing I have ever had to lift in my life. I made it from the back of the car to the door of the garage before I demanded it set it down. This was a major mistake. Setting it down meant I had to pick it back up. Justin grabbed his side and told me to let him know when I was ready to lift my side. Little did he know that I was lifting. In fact, I was lifting so hard that I thought my insides were going to become outsides. It was not coming even an inch off the ground. Eventually, by some miracle, we got the television off the ground, through the garage door and about a foot into the house before I needed a beak again. Justin told me to rest it on my hip. His brilliant advice lead to a 7 x 2 inch dark purple bruise on my leg. That is not an estimate. I measured it.

Problem #3 arose when we finally got the TV to its resting place on top of the coffee table. Um, how do I put this delicately. It looked about as attractive as a couch on a front porch. Whiskey Tango at its finest. Justin then devised a plan to cut a hole in the back of the armoire...which would not be visible because the armoire was now in the corner. This was an example of when my husband has a great idea. (I am serious too, no sarcasm this time). Although this created a solution for the television, we were now faced with a large blank wall were the armoire used to be housed.

Enter Problem #4. This was my favorite problem. Solving this problem meant that I had to shop for solutions:
I am loving my problem-solving skills! We already had the chairs and the "H" but I found the remainder of it yesterday. Rileigh and I were bargain shoppers. We hit the sales at Hobby Lobby and Home Goods, even bringing in coupons. I think this is my new favorite part of the house....and right before we put it on the market....

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