Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home.

Guess who has news? Hmmmm? Give up? That’s right ITS ME! Oops...don’t tell Justin I said me...I meant WE!

In a three-day whirlwind, we bought a house. In Dodge City. We are officially becoming Kansans again. Did I mention I have never actually seen the house? Minor details, right?

A few weeks ago, Addison and I traveled the long hike back to Dodge City to look at potential future houses. We looked at a lot of houses. We looked at a lot of houses I really loved. I would have had to love them a lot, because if we bought one of those houses, the house would be all we had. No furniture, no lights allowed on, no air conditioner, no food. Just the house. So needless to say, we didn’t put in offers on the many we saw...though it took some restraint on my part. That and my dad said "no way" and yes, like a good little girl, I still listen to everything my dad says.
About a week and a half ago, my realtor sent me a listing for a house that had just come on the market that day. It was actually in our price range and it was in a neighborhood in which we would be delighted to live. I arranged for my dad to see it the next afternoon. That was helpful. My dad has absolutely zero opinions on things. And if I could pick a number below zero, that would probably be more accurate. I am on the phone with my dad as he is walking through it. "Well, I am in a kitchen now. And now I am walking into a living room. Oh, and here is the master bedroom" Thanks for the descriptors, Dad. He did say he really liked the neighborhood and any positive descriptor from my dad necessitates action. So, I called my mom and my sister-in-law and sent them to view the house that evening. My sister-in-law is creative genius. She can take a house and make it a home in cheap, creative and beautiful ways. So when she called me after going through the house and said "You had better buy this." I was completely sold (figuratively and literally I suppose). We called the realtor that night and she worked overtime getting our contract together. We submitted our offer on a Saturday, just 2 days after I had gotten the initial email.

Saturday night I was at Rileigh’s variety show. I could hear my phone buzzing in my purse, but we had just gotten a lecture from the principal at the beginning of the show about getting out of our seats during the middle of an act. I have been out of grade school for a while now, but I still fear the wrath of principals, so I was not about to get out of my seat to answer the call. During intermission, I snuck out to check with my realtor, who confirmed that our offer had been accepted. I yelled out in celebration and did a little dance in the hallway. I was then given the stink-eye from the Stepford Wives, but I didn’t care. I wouldn’t have to see them next year. Did another little dance just to spite them.
So here is the house, have a look-see:

If you want to see the inside in all its 60's glory, follow the link: http://DODGECITY.fnismls.com/publink/default.aspx?GUID=dd882ae0-02af-43f9-ab61-3669d4de8306&Report=Yes

We will have some renovations to do, but that is okay. Part of making a house a home is making it your own. I think remodeling to fit the needs and taste of our family will do just that. I have spent the last couple of weeks dreaming up inspiration for the house. That has been really fun, especially knowing that my inlaws can make it all happen. Really anything I can dream up, they can make happen. "Babe, I don’t really like that wall there, could we move it over there?" BOOM! It happens. "I could really use an outlet on this wall" Another BOOM, and we have an outlet. Its like magic. I have never met such fantastic, handy people.

Here is the current kitchen/eat in area inspiration photos. I have been DYING for a banquette. It will happen:
Love the colors too....I have been really digging colored cabinetry and how CUTE is that little red table?!?

First we have to figure out what to do with the stove:

yep, that is no joke...that is our stove.

And just because it is so adorable, here is the inspiration for Addison's bedroom. Big steps for Addison when we move, she will have a big girl bed!
I cannot wait to get my hands on the house. Someone asked me yesterday when I might be able to actually see our new house. I suppose that just may be when I bring my boxes through the front door! Oh man.....


  1. sorry about the funky formatting...I dont know what is going wrong...

  2. Can I get some of the BOOM magic over at my house?

    Can't wait to have you back in DC!

  3. So excited for you! I LOVE the inspiration photos! I'd like a little BOOM magic over here too!