Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh the joys of home selling...

Today went met some friends downtown for a lovely brunch. The timing worked out perfectly because our realtor advised us we needed to be out of the house from 11-1pm while the place was shown. After stuffing ourselves with delish crepes and doing some leisurely window shopping, we had killed enough time to go back to the house and spend the rest of our Sunday relaxing.

When we got home, a phone call modified our plans a bit. The realtor called and let us know someone would be showing our house sometime between 2 and 4. So that we didn't have to go park somewhere and twiddle our thumbs, the realtor nailed the showing down to between 3 and 4...closer to 3:15. It was only about 1:30 at this time, so it gave me a little bit to make sure the carpets were freshly vacuumed and the house was thoroughly fabreezed. Justin says I have a serious addiction to the stuff. I say he is right, but I don't care.

I told you about Addie and her nakedness right? Well during my spruce up, Addison was in the buff enjoying a Dora episode. While in the kitchen putting away my new BFF, Tropical Fabreeze, I here Justin yell out from the living room, "THEY'RE EARLY"

This had the effect of turning the light on in a room full of cockroaches. The four of us started running around like a bunch of crazies, grabbing shoes, jackets and car keys, while three vehicles worth of people stepped onto our porch. It was 2:15.

In the midst of the chaos, Justin scoops up a still naked Addison, yells for Rileigh to grab Addison some clothes, wraps her in a sweatshirt and runs out the garage. I am fumbling around with my shoes, cursing myself for not picking flip-flops. I made a mad dash out the garage and into the car just as the group opens the front door.

I looked in the backseat at my toddler, stark naked, strapped into her car seat as we hauled out of the driveway. Suddenly it hit me at how completely and utterly ridiculous we were. I am not sure what we were running for...or from, I suppose. Guess we didn't want to shatter the illusion that people actually lived in our house.

Ooops, in that case, better jump out and grab those Dora panties we dropped in the middle of the driveway......

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