Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adieu to the Lou, Part Deux

Today, I am less angry. The weather is gorgeous, the house is ready and Cardinal fever is everywhere. Sorry St Louis. You didn't deserve that. As an apology, Here is my list of things I will actually miss when we head on back to the Ol' Windy City....the real windy city...not you Chicago.

1. Cardinals Games. Prior to moving here, I couldn't stand professional baseball. I think this is because baseball doesn't really translate on TV. Nine(+) innings of a relatively slow paced game played for hours and hours just did not tickle my fancy. Then I went to Busch stadium. It was fun. It was more than fun. I loved it. There is nothing that brings a huge city together like a great sports team. The comradery that accompanies Cards games is a sight to behold. Arch enemies outside the stadium root side by side during the games, singing "one.....two....three strikes you're out at the old....ball....gaaaaaaaame!" in perfect harmony. Well, I don't really have an evidence of this, but I am sure it happens. Or if it doesn't, it should.

2. The Zoo. I adore the zoo. What I really adore about the zoo is that it is free. It is huge and awesome and keeps my family entertained for hours upon hours. Unlike the concrete jungle that is the Dodge City zoo, the animals are housed in actual habitats. Once when I took the girls to the zoo, we joined a crowd outside the orangatang habitat. Addison was pretty young at the time. There was a newborn among the crowd. Her parents held her down by the glass so that they could get a picture with the orangatangs in the background. Ooohs and awwws spread over the crowd as the momma orangatang held out her arms and tried to hold the baby through the glass. I wanted to get the girls pictures too. I held addison close to the glass, expecting the same reaction. Instead the crazy thing pulled back its fist and punched the glass, right behind Addison's head. Awww, the memories.

3. Chipotle.....or Noodle Company.....or Dewey's Pizza.....or Ruby Tuesdays....or just the variety of restaurants in general. There are so many restaurants extremely close our house. And even more within driving distance. Although I have complained about this before when trying to narrow down a place to go eat, I don't really mean it. I love food. I love variety in food. If you do too, this is enough of an explanation. If you don't, you are weird.

4. The variety of culture. Last time my inlaws were in town, we went down to the Soulard farmer's market. On the way home, she commented that she thought it was so neat to be surrounded by so many accents and so many different languages. It was so true. While living here I have met people from Russia, Bosnia, Egypt, Brazil, Iraq, Ethiopia, Kenya......and many, many more. I have been able to expose my children to the food and the celebrations of many of these groups. I feel like it is such an important part of raising well-rounded, open-minded children. And the cultural aspects they have been exposed to are not just limited to ethnicities. Every year since we have lived here, Rileigh and my mom have gone to a musical at the Fox during the Thanksgiving break. She has adored this tradition. I suppose the Depot will have to suffice, but somehow I just don't think it will compare to the Lion King or Cats.

So I left this list for a while to try and think of some more things......and I didn't. Shoot. Is that really it? Sorry St Louis.....

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  1. My entire list was full of food items so good work on the other three.