Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wedded Bliss!

I was so happy to create a video for my brother's wedding documenting the pre-wedding lives of my brother Christopher and his fiancee, Sheryl. It was a wonderful team effort between myself and the parents of the bride and groom. I was all set to show the creation at the rehearsal as I felt it was the best testament to amazing people that I could hope to come up with. The stage was set. I made the announcement, cried of course, then hit play. Less than five minutes in and the movie comes to an abrupt hault....and it never recovered. Oh the drama! Now, over a month later, I have figured out how to share it with family and friends of the bride and groom.....
Christopher and Sheryl--love you guys! Enjoy---->

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  1. Awesome Awesome Awesome!!! Thanks for posting!! Love you guys!!!