Saturday, November 21, 2009

Terribly (cute) Two

Something crazy happened yesterday. I woke up and my baby was gone.
In her place was a jabbering, fast-paced-yet-adorable little PERSON. OMIGOSH--my baby is not a baby! Yep, yesterday we spent the day celebrating the second birthday of Miss Addie Sue! For the last week, this is how conversations about her birthday would go--
Us: Addie, how old will you be
Addie: Twoooo
Us: and what would you like for your birthday
Addie: uuuuhhhhh, candies

Yep, everytime you asked her. So of course, she spotted the candies among her present pile when she first woke up....and consequently had Reece's Pieces for breakfast. After a birthday celebration with her sitter while Mom was at school, Addison and I had the afternoon to hang out and prep for the night's celebration. Addison started out by helping me make her cake. And by helping, I mean sticking her fingers in the fondant and pulling out a chunk while I was trying it roll it out. Thankfully naptime came quickly so she could rest up and I could finish the cake.
Rileigh had a short cheer performance in the early evening, after which we stopped off at the golden arches to pick up Addison's choice for her birthday dinner.

Papa was able to join us in singing "Happy Birthday" and got to watch Addie blow out her candles via ichat's video chat. We had to light all the candles again so Christopher could join us for a second round via Skype. Then we proceeded to light the candles a good 5 more times because Addison thought it was so much fun.
She decided forkless was the best way to eat her cake, which was a huge change from last year. When I tried to entice her to dig into her cake on her first birthday, she cried. I thought she would not be a cake person, however, she had a year to make up for her no-cake-birthday moment, and she came at this year's cake with avengence.

Following cake, Addison opened her gifts, which included a plethora of all things Dora. She started each gift by saying "Hey, what's in 'ere" before she would actually try to unwrap it. After opening each gift, she would comment on what she thought of the gift (por ejemplo--she opened a dora fleece blanket--she says 'awwww. its dora. how cute.')
She received a Dora tent as one of her gifts, so when she was finished, she and her sister pulled her Dora couch and Dora blanket into her Dora tent and settled in to watch a movie for Family Movie Night (not Dora....actually it was Pocohontas)
Yep, she stayed in that tent just about as long as it took for me to take this picture. She was so hopped up on sugar that she spent the remainder of the night running around like a crazy person. A cute crazy person, but indeed crazy.

All in all it was a great night. I think we wore her out because she is still sleeping as I am writing this.

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