Sunday, August 30, 2009

Apparently I am busy

I had great intentions of blogging, even thought when I was doing something random in the day "i am going to blog about this." And yet, somehow, I have not made it past my first entry. Life has been so busy! (okay....I admit it, sometimes at the end of the day I would rather zone out with a game of wordtwist......but that doesnt mean I am not busy!)

So this week I tried to get my name struck off the "worst parent ever" list and teach my child to ride a bike. Tying shoes and riding a bike. So maybe I thought when you hit kindergarten these were skill you just automatically acquire. Sort of like, congratulations, you are a kindergartener, you may now start tying your shoes and riding your bike. Well, it does not work that way. We have mastered the art of shoe tying, but here we are, 2nd grade and my child cannot ride a bike. Of course, we have not flat or non-busy streets at our house, so I thought I would just put the bike in the car and go up to her school parking lot. Ever try to wrestle a bike into a car while two children stand, watch and occasionally try to take you out at the knees? When step one of the plan became like a super-level rubiks cube, I should have thrown in the towel. However, I did get the bike in the backseat ( did not fit in the trunk) and then wrestled my kids in the car around the bike. So in my head I have these visions that I hold on to the back of her bike a few times around the parking lot and then give her a push off as she rides off into the sunset. If only my life was like my dreams. Needless to say, after about an hour, we gave up, played on the playground and I made a mental note to sign Justin up for the next round of bike training. Oh....and to invest in full body protective gear....for me and for Rileigh. Guess its another year on the "worst parent ever" list. Damn. 

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  1. I think you are very far from qualifying for anything close to "worst parent ever". Bikes are so 1990. I think... Maybe that's rollerblades.