Monday, November 8, 2010

yes virginia,

i really wish there were a santa claus. if the stores are starting to play christmas music and put up festive displays, its is totally legit to start a christmas list right? the target christmas magazine came in the mail last week and rileigh got out her marker and started circling her wish list. she still believes in santa claus and i am oh-so-glad, because i love all the excitement it brings on christmas morning. i know that it is totally inappropriate and non-PC and i should go forth and shout all season long how much better it is to give than to recieve (which, don't get me wrong....i love the giving part of the season too!) BUT i wish the jolly fat man did exist because i have some things on my list this year i would like filled:

1. A deer head (yes, you read that right)

But not the hairy, bloody dear heads that my brother-in-law is so enamored with. A faux-deer head. I absolutely adore this. I want to hang this over my fireplace. I found it on etsy--- the coolest site ever. Etsy is forbidden after 10pm because if I start looking the next time I look up, it will be 1 am. She has many heads to choose from-- check out rubyslounge.

2. an animal rug
I can't decide between the cow and the zebra. The cow says "Yes, I live in western Kansas and I am going to go ahead and embrace it." The zebra says "I am exotic and hip." Not sure which I want to be.

3. curly girl canvas

This is one of my favorites, but i love most of the curly girl canvases. The canvases cost a pretty penny ($300 for a 20x20) so I have been making modified curly girl art by matting and framing the greeting cards....which run for about $3. Its time for the real thing. Check out some of the other curly girl art here. (BTW, I just figured out how to I have been using the heck out of it.)

4. A fancy living room couch:

I want it to look like this one ^
but be the color of this one.....)but I cant seem to figure out how to make a down use your imagination):
I am obsessed with having a purple couch. I just love it. It is a rich and lush color. I think it is a color that just screams elegance. Makes sense that purple is the color of royalty. Add a pop of yellow with some throw pillow like this one and its absolute perfection. Elves make couches, right?

5. Dark Harwoods

Our house is like a carpet nightmare. I think I have expressed my disgust with this in previous posts. I can handle a lot of things, but carpet in a kitchen and bathroom are just beyond me. We had the most gorgeous floors in our old house and I miss them like crazy. Santa, I promise I have been a good, good girl.

Oh, and if you have room in your sleigh, you
might consider these as stocking stuffers:

So santa, I know you will be swinging by out place on your midnight ride. If you could find a way to stuff some "big kid toys" in next to your barbies and legos, you would make me the happiest girl on the planet. Oh, and Santa.....I can still hear that bell!


  1. Wow.... that's quite the list!!! I heart purple couches.... i'm not sold on the deer head, but i'll trust ya!! Soon an IKEA will be opening out here....only about 10 minutes from my house, shall i expect a visit???

  2. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? We were eyeballing kitchen cabinets from there because not only are they cool....but pretty darn cheap. The closest IKEA was in chicago. Get me an opening date!

  3. Oh...and yeah. It is quiet the list...maybe the car was a bit over the top. :)

  4. I love IKEA. I went on a road trip with a friend just so I could go there. We barely got everything into her Excursion for the trip home. :)

    And I see you are a Sienna fan. I want a Honda Odyssey. An entertainment package in your van? TOTALLY COOL. Yep, old people, party of two. :)

  5. So I'm thinking we can totally make a deer head for cheaper than $335....with either one of those cardboard heads as the base, or buy a plastic outdoor deer and cut its head off....then it's a papier mache project for Ri and Addie! Voila!

  6. jackie....i knew we were friends for a reason! you are so smart! miss you!!