Tuesday, October 5, 2010

when i grow up

fake careers are so much cooler than real careers. Part of that probably stems from the fact that a fake career exists only in your imagination...which means you imagine yourself as totally successful, knowledgeable and without any stress what-so-ever. My real career....not so much.

My dad likes to frequently remind me about one of my IEP meetings in middle school where the school psychologist asked me about my career plans. I replied that I thought I would like to be a doctor simply because that was a career in which I could make a lot of money. I think my dad's poor hippie heart shattered. I don't remember this occasion, nor do I remember ever wanting to be a doctor. I choose to pretend like this didn't really happen. That’s one thing of the best things I have learned in my current career....no proof.....didn't happen.

But I digress.

Lately, my dad has been living out his "alternative" career. (No, despite how it sounds, that does not mean he is gay.) Earlier in the summer, he went to New York to record a CD. He had some professional editing done....and I think it sounds pretty darn good. (Take a listen here: www.myspace.com/mikedollmusic) This weekend we are having an open house at our office. Really the open house is just an excuse for my dad to play rockstar and put on a concert. What started as a small idea has really snowballed into a big production.....which I am actually thrilled about. I mean really, if you are going to live out a fantasy, why not go all out. He is flying out the professional musicians who helped produce his CD. We are getting kegs so that we can hand out free beer. I hired a professional photographer to capture the occasion. Serious. All out.

In preparation for the event, I convinced my dad to let me practice my pretend career and shoot some photos for his CD and for an article they are writing about him in the paper. I am not certain if he reads my blog, but I hope he doesn't because I think he might kill me for sharing some of these photos. Not that there is anything wrong with the photos....he just said it makes him feel like a "diva." Get over it dad. If you are going to be a rockstar, you have to be a diva. The words are synonymous. Besides that, I know he secretly liked the idea of having a photo shoot because he brought along a change of clothes without me even asking. Here are some of my favorites:

Its a little funny, but I noticed that my favorite shots are the one without a head....

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  1. I'm soooooo super sad i can't be there this weekend :( the inlaws will be here and so will my friend jenna.... take lots and lots of pics!! Speaking of pics....wow.....you never seize to amaze me.