Thursday, September 2, 2010

If our life was an episode of "Best Week Ever" today would certainly be a highlight.

This week I have been a real live grown-up...going into work early, staying late...attending meetings...actually working while at work. Well except today. You can't expect me to hold up that charade all week, now can you? Actually I have a mega headache that is kind of making me want to toss my cookies into my desk drawer....well it would probably be more like bagels but you get the point. This morning when my husband called and I told him about it in my best whiny, sickly, give-me-some-sympathy voice, he told me that is what I get for staying up so late watching trashy reality television shows on my computer. Oh yeah husband, well I am going to tell Teresa you called her trashy....she will be all up in your face and there will be no Andy Cohen there to save you. So there. Besides, how can I get a headache from watching reality television. Doesn't he know that nothing actually operates inside my head when I tune into those shows. That's the whole point. Its like a temporary coma. A poofy-haired, leopard-print coma.

OH oh oh! Hold the phone. That reminds me. I have BIG news. I mean BIG. Today. At noon. The Heekes are getting......wait for it.........wait for it.......CABLE! Not only cable, but cable with DVR. That means I can record hours of my favorite coma-inducing shows. Holy crap. Do you have any idea how huge that is? When I was ordering the service, the woman on the phone asked me if I would be interested in DVR. Um, is that even a question. Afterwards I believe I told her that I felt like my quality of life and productivity were going to improve exponentially due to that purpose. I am sure she thought I was nuts. But its totally true. The installation guy might be in for an even bigger surprise. I think when he rings our doorbell this afternoon, my husband might actually shed tears. Frick. Grown man tears are totally uncomfortable. This installer has no idea what he is in for.

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