Thursday, February 25, 2010

So about those birthday

My original plan for the last post was to recount some of my favorite birthday gatherings, but I simply got swept away in telling you all about what I did for this birthday. Apparently I did a lot because that was a long post. However, I had already gathered my thoughts regarding my parties of the past....and no one likes wasted thoughts, so I am delighted to offer 2 posts in the span of two days.

And in no certain order--my favorite birthday parties:

1. I really can't remember the exact number, but I think it must have been when I was in Kindergarten. I had about 8 girls and we went to a hair salon and all had our hair done. I am not talking cute child hair. I am talking va-va-voom sex kitten hair. I loved it. Afterwards we came back to my house and our mothers did our make-up and we got dressed in old prom and cocktail dresses. I thought I was the snazziest little things this side of the Mississipi. And damn it, I didn't just think it, I was. We then had a tea party, complete with cookie and juice. The party did go down hill from there thanks to Abby trying to steal my spotlight, my protest of such and some snarky comments from a party-crash (that ultimately took me about 8 years to forgive)....but I wont get into that. Now you see why I love birthdays? Mine were totally cool from the get-go.

2. In grade school my parents used to make me invite my whole grade to my birthday parties. Bonus to that concept is you have find a place big enough to house all of those houligans. IN about 3rd or 4th grade, my parents rented out the Sheridan for my party. For those of you non-SwK-ers, it is a facility with a gym/basketball courts and an indoor pool. I was the coolest kid in grade school.

For some reason I am drawing a blank for the parties occurring during my middle and high school years. Not sure why that is about middle school....but for high school I am sure there is a reason for my non-memory...mainly a red-colored liquid with a tiger on the label.

College birthdays, on the other hand, are burnt into my memory. Maybe because they were not that long ago, but I think it was because they were so fun.

3. My 21st birthday was great fun. Unlike a lot of people, I actually remember mine. I had a lot of family in town to celebrate. I know I have mentioned this before, but I have the best family. See, look:
Jessi made me a great shot book. We started out the night at the boys' house at 1000 Leavenworth. You know its going to be a good night when you say "We started out at 1000 Leavenworth..." Debbie bought me a bunch of mini liquor bottles. That Debbie, she always has the perfect gifts. We then hit up all the bars in Aggieville. I completed more than 21 of my requisite shots (sounds crazy now...) and came home, wherein I kicked Cole's door clean of the hinges because I thought he was locked in. Turns out he was just sleeping.

4. For my 22nd birthday, I hosted an 80's party. I. LOVED. THAT. PARTY. I made a cd mixer of 80s music as the invitations. Jess and I splatter painted a large piece of fabric and covered my living room furniture. We decked ourselves out in 80s garb, complete with terrible hair and awesomely bad make-up. My cousins Kalli and Katie joined in on the action and my friends from high school showed up in the most hilarious (aka hideous) old prom dresses I had ever seen. Here is one:

The party was so spectacular that an impromptu dance party/contest broke out in my living room. Yep, it was that cool.

I have had some pretty kick-ass birthdays, this year being no exception. Hmm....what should I plan for next year.....

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