Monday, October 19, 2009

Making the Cut

I have hair ADD (....possibly just ADD in general as evidenced by the variety of my posts...) But definitely diagnosable when it comes to my hair. I think I have had every hairdo and hair color under the planet. In fact, many of them occurred during the span of one spring break in middle school.

I started kindergarten with long hair and big bangs. And by long, I mean long. I could have probably tucked it into my jeans had that been the cool thing to do at the time. By first grade, I had chopped it to my chin and tortured myself with a spiral perm. It definitely was the cool thing to do at the time. The rest of grade school brought a variety of hair lengths and an even greater variety of bang heights....gotta love the aquanet. If only I had a pictorial to go along with all of this.

In middle school I discovered hair color. Glorious, horrible dye-in-a-box. During that
fated spring break, I discovered about 5 different varieties of dye in a box. That was the week I discovered I could never be a red I married one instead.

Freshman year of high school was the first year since 1st grade that I really chopped my hair. Through out high school, I rocked various lengths of the Victoria Beckham bob. Although she was still a long-haired Spice Girl at that point, so arguably I knew it was cool even before she did.

Now, whenever I need a pick-me-up, I schedule a hair appointment. I love styling, washing, cutting, coloring.....the whole process! I am never afraid of a cut or color, because I figure that if it gets a little screwy, I can always have it fixed. That does not apply to bangs. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT test out a new hairdresser if you are thinking about getting bangs. I discovered this in fourth grade and spend the rest of my vacation wearing a hat.

Last week, I went drastic and I am loving it. I have not had my hair this short....well...ever. Pros: it takes less time to get ready, I get to use awesome smelling hair stuff and this weekend, someone called me edgy. Cons: I cannot rock a ponytail when I wanna roll out of bed and go and I have not figured out how to control my hair without washing it first and starting from scratch. All in all, I think I love it:

And just for fun (and since I can't do a pictorial from kindergarten on) lets take a peek at my hair over the last 2 no particular order (because I can't figure out how to make these pictures go where I want on here):

August 2007: This was the blondest I had been a while. I love this color, think I might try for it next time.
January 2009: I needed a major change. The hubby had requested dark hair. I was really afraid to do this because I had gone brown before with baaaaaad results. I told Kalli to do whatever she would like to the cut and it turned out adorable:

October 2009: Has to be my favorite wedding hair. Uncurled, it was probably down a little past my shoulders. Wouldn't it be awesome to have naturally curly hair like this?:
September 2009: I tried to go the naturally curl route. Made for fantastic time and travel ease. Not so sure about it, but in weighing its ease, I could have worn it everyday:

June 2009: The long version of the dark hair. I grew to really love my hair dark. For one thing, thanks to Kalli, I could do it at home. Also, root growth was not very obvious. Those two things made it really easy to maintain:

Question of the week: What is your favorite hairdo you ever had?

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